Wk11- Art Experience- Turning the pages

We document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages every day in our modern day life style. We take photos, we write, blog, twitt, and take videos. However, Words and Pictures can’t really express an experience because an experience is some thing one has to life and be involved with not just be looked at or read. Style has nothing to do with words or images, a stlye can always be repeated and get the same result but precise event can never really be duplicated. If someone is not there to live in or share an expereince another way to share is through FaceTime or videos. Facetime can show an even that is happening life to someone who can’t be there to expereince it and video (with multiple camera) can show an event how it happened. Even though documenting a moment can take you out of an experience it can also showing you something amazing and exciting that you missed and would never have known about if there was not some kind of proof or evidence that the expereince had taken place.

Taking pictures in the bookstore and not taking pictures inthe library were different because a library is more sacride then a bookstore. In a bookstore talking is more accepted,  also is being on your phone and goofing off. While being in a library is more serious and quiet with standards.

I thought this activity was fine. It was different but not mind -blowing. I have seen both the library and bookstore before, so Turning the Pages was not really an exciting activity but it was not horrible either. I guess I would have to say that I did not gain any new insight about nature, space or education and I alright knew a lot about books since I am a book worm. I just enjoyed being able to go outside a classroom during school instead of being stuck at a desk all the time.


The guitar area and the computers were my favorite places to be around. 





Wk10-Art Experience- Instagram

This week I took four photos on Instagram and posted them to #art110s16. I was in Japan when I took my photos and 3/4 of my photos I used filters.
I thought my photos were nice. They express what I really did that day in Japan and I did a lot.

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Wk10- Classmate Conversation- Sam Tan

I had my classmate conversation with Sam Tan. He is a 20 years old, as an older sister and is a 3rd year at CSULB studying biology.  His favorite food is donuts and his favorite drink is coffee. He does not have a favorite book but his favorite movie is The Matrix. His favorite band is the Foo Fighter. Right now he does not know where he wants to work with his biology major. His past dream was to go to medical school but after volunteering at a hospital and he changed his decision. His hobbies include playing volleyball, basketball, watching anime and Game of Thrones. He has traveled to Canada but wants to travel and see Bolivia and Brazil as well.




WK9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Cabanig

Info Block

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Copper, Medal, Silver

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Website: No Website

Instagram: Has an instagram but it is only for personal use.

About the Artist:

Sean Joy is curently living in Long Beach and is a undergraduate at CSULB. It is her last semester at CSULB and her first exhibit. She is in the BFA Metal Art Department. Her first exhibit is called All Work All Play. She likes cats, reading, gaming, and studio experimenting. Sean joy mentioned that even though she likes cats she does not want anything cat related as a gift… EVER! At first she was in drawing and painting but then tranfered when she discovered there was a Metal department.

Formal Analysis:

Most of Sean Joy’s work is copper, metal and silver. Most pieces are the normal colors that go along with copper, metal and silver but in one the plate pieces there is grey color mixed with black. Most of the pieces are smooth and others are rough skinned. They come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of the pieces are on the floor. One is above on the ceiling as a Constellation. The Constellation is copper balls hanging from the ceiling.

Content Analysis:

Sean Joy gets her ideas from her emotions, daily life, her humor, her environment, art history, and basically anything. She does not have a specfic idea in mind, she just does what she feels. No purpose or second motive to her pieces. Only that she mades her art pieces as parts of herself that she is sharing.

My Experience:

I really liked everything in her gallery. The jewelry and plates I could see myself buying if they were sold in stores. Almost everything in the gallery I could relate to. I loved her Constellation on the ceiling and her necklaces she made. She made it very personal to tell her our own opinions about her work by leaving paper and pens to write our thoughts and put in a box. I wrote to her in her box saying how much I liked her gallery.

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Wk9- Classmate Conversation- Jennifer Garcia

This week I had my classmate conversation with Jennifer Garcia. Jennifer is 20 years old and is on her 2nd year at CSULB. She has two sisters and two brothers and she also had two dogs that passed away but has one labrador dog now. She dorms at Beachside/ Pacific because her home is 40 minutes away. Her major is Biology and she wants to be a specialist in radiation or an X-ray Tech. Her hobbies include playing soccer, listening to music, hanging out with friends and going on runs. Her favorite type of food is Mexican, she drinks everything except coke, A Walk to Remember is her favorite movie and Tuck Ever Lasting is her favorite book. We share a favorite actor Johnny Depp, and her favorite artist is Jennifer Lopez. Her favorite shows when she was little were Kim Possible and Teen Titans and her favorite shows now are The Flash and iZombie. She wants to travel to Spain and Portugal. Her favorite color is turquoise and a light blue and her favorite season is summer.

Jennifer Garcia- https://yennii714.wordpress.comsnapchat-3566681121853696992.jpg

Ken Jones

Ken Jones

My name is Ken Jones and I am 25 years old. I was born in Hawaii, but moved to California at age 9. I currently work as a Computer Analysis for the government (which is keeping in contact with people on Moonbase Alpha), but I can’t go into much detail. I spend most of my time either on the computer or surfing. I have no interest in having a relationship or hanging out with big groups of people. My interests are in law and justice. I live alone in my beach house with my three dogs. I have a golden retriever named Max, a husky named Harley, and a german shepherd named Oliver.

At work I am known to be a bit geeky and quiet. Ken Barbie or Barbie Boy are my nicknames given to me by my friends. I don’t really like it but I don’t care. They can call me whatever they like. I am really close to my co-workers and I would do anything for them. Which includes go to jail for them.

I started surfing at the age of 3 years old and got into computers at age 7 when I got my first computer. When I was not at school I was either surfing with my dad or learning code at the library. At age 14 my dad was killed by a 3 time offender which got me interested in justice and law.

I like my life, I am very content with. It could be considered boring but I liked that the only action/adventure I get is when I go to work. I can sometime work 7 days a week up to 14 hour shifts, which is fine because I am doing it for justice. I was able to skip 6th and 7th grade which abled me to graduate from UCLA at age 20 and finished grad school a year and half later. I had gotten my major in Computer Software Engineering and double major in Criminal Justice, which had gotten me an instant job offer that I accepted immediately.


Princess Consuela Banana Hammock is one of the people from Moonbase Alpha that I keep in contact with to keep peace between our two different planets. Check out https://tiffkyu.wordpress.com to see what she does on her planet.

Scarlett is a clan leader also from Moonbase Alpha. She is a really good friend of mine. She and I trade goods from our different worlds to share culture. She is very serious and I like that. Check her out at https://yennii714.wordpress.com.

I have a really good friend named Aquamarine, that I grew up with in Hawaii. She follow me to California when I moved and she has been apart of the Moonbase Alpha peace treaty committee. Visit her at https://biancadominguez.wordpress.com.

Ken Surfing

Wk8- Artist Conversation- Bailey Francis

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Artist: Bailey Francis

Exhibition: Duality

Media: Wood

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist:

Bailey Francis is a BFA graduate in the program of wood. She is a woodworker, a mother, a designer and a provider. She is interested in the 20th century gender roles, family and the skilled labor that created the Studio Craft movement. She sees herself as a contemporary woodworker, making every piece of her work as a piece of her self and her identity.

Formal Anaylsis:

All the art pieces are made wood and are either out of Black Walnut or Olive and Peruvian Walnut. 3/4 have very solid, smooth and straight pieces of wood. The color is brown, tan, and a redish brown. It looks like a tree stump in the coloring. The size is not very big and not small which makes the art pieces perfect to be used in everyday life

Content Analysis:

Bailey Francis got her ideas from the design of the Studio Craft movement and her role models Sam Maloof and George Nakashima. Bailey tries to replica Sam and Geaorge’s work  but instead of just masculinity she implies both masculinity and femininity. She thinks of her work as a hybrid for both.

My Experience:

I liked Bailey Francis exhibit because it was different then the others and nobody seem to take interest in it. I liked her work of the Bench because it looks like a bone is in the middle of it. I liked the she put the two concepts of masculinity and femininty together and created a gender neutral form of art that can not be classified as male work nor female work.