Wk15- Artist Conversation- Jamie Strassenburg

Info Block

Artist: Jamie Strassenburg

Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic

Media: Illustrator, Web Designer, and Photoshop Tutor

Gallery: CSULB Gallery Gatov-East

Website: http://www.jamiedraws.com

Instagram: @drawnbyjamie

About the Artist

Jamie Strassenburg is an illustrator, web designer and photoshop tutor. She in the BFA program at CSULB in Illustration and is a senior. She is currently working as a freelancer in Orange County. She had discovered photoshop when she was 13 years old and spent 10 years doing digital art. While learning the digital arts she also learned web design, 3D modelling, digital compositing, and video game development.

Formal Analysis

In the gallery, the illustrations of animated character were shown in black frames and presented to empahsixe the drawings. The illustrations were colorful and bright, the coloring showed each character different based on color. The animation theme was fantasy and mythical and the illustation showed as such. The paper texture look smooth, but the lines in the drawing were all curved and soft.

Content Analysis

Jamie illustrations and art work is meant to tell a story created by personal life events, social issues that are important to her, and human behavior and cultures. She describes her own style as a “naturalistic emotive fantasy”.  Jamie sees her work as an extention of her self and her personality.

My Experience

Out of all the art that was in the gallery I choose to do Jamie’s because I thought it stood out more than the others. I love animination art, I think the people who do it and do it well are really talented. If she started to sell her art work as posters or created a stories or did animation videos with her work, I would pay to have it and/or see it.  I envy people like Jamie. I wish I had that skill level in art. I believe she could go anywhere with her skill level in ilustration and as a web designer. I really enjoyed looking at her works.

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