Extra Credit- The Secret Live of Tumblr Teens

I found this article a little interesting but it could not really relate to some of the talk about tumblr since I have never had one. I found the story about the girl nicknamed, Pizza, really upsetting. To gain that much popularity is awesome but it does come with lots of negative people. It sad that her once mistake make her give up on her tumblr. She made one mistake of the use of the n-word when she was younger and immature, as a result was pronounced a racist. From the rumors I have heared about tumblr I do think it is only about sex and jokes which is one of the reason I don’t have one. I think a while back it was more about the art but it has since changed.

This article had me confused at some sections, I did not understand the topics or the relations. However when it started talking about Ads, marketing, and secret groups I suddenly got interested again. I thought about how evilly smart people are to make secret groups to promote ads for another to gain for money but really evil to cheat that way. But considering today’s economy I understood a little about where they were coming from. They were making money I wish I could make.

I do use Facebook and I do sometimes on occasion like a Life Hack or two but I have never followed tumblr. Although most quotes found on the interent are relatable some are really mean and stupid. I don’t really like or appreciate anything that is hurtful to another.

This article make me think about the people on the internet being targets, schemers, celebraties, and/or solicitors . Not only is the internet being used for personal gain, bullies are celebraties it is also being used to control what being think and used for political purposes. I am highly disappointed by the cultural tendencies and wish 2014 to the future will hopefully change.


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