Wk13- Art Experience- Art Care Package

This week for our art expereicne we had to sent out an Art Care Package. We drew from a hat to see which classmate we got and I received Breezy Hastie. For her art care package I put in a wrist band from a concert, an old movie ticket, a receipt from Japan, and old ring, a postcard, and a few coloring pages. Making this was fun becasue I got to go through my room and find items that showed where I have been, and I got to give Breezy something interesting to do and I got to show my artist skill when I colored the postcard. It was a really fun project and I can not wait to send it and I also can not wait to get my own.


Sending someone an Art Care Package is similar to Snapchat because both can show a perosn where you have been and the proof that you were there. It also different however then Snapchat because unlike Snapchat an Art Care Package can take up to a week to get while a Snapchat only takes seconds. There is not a huge difference between art that is seen by tons of people and art that is seen by a few because art is to be appriecated even if by only one individual. To make Art Care Package is difference and more special then sending a Snapchat because it take more time and effort to get it to someone then a Snapchat that takes a second to make. As a result these packages do have more love because theyare created from the heart of a person and not by a phone.


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