Wk12- Art Experience-Geocaching

When this week started I was looking forward to this weeks art experience, Geocaching. I have never done it before but I have always wanted to do it because it looks so much fun. I was struggling with what cool ideas I could do and where I could place it. I did not want my first Geocaching experience to be lame and unexciting.

For my finding geocaching I did Foster Park Cash found on the app. It was real easy and had a good description. I really enjoyed looking for it because it was a nice day out. When I found it I wrote my name and date and traded a plastic toy I had.

I went to Target and Home Depot for my geocaching supplies. I got 8 strong magnets, a pencil box and neat stuff to put in the pencil box. I then went home and hot gllued my magnets to the box, put the stuff I got in the box then hide it.I will not say where I hide it so people can have fun looking for it but I did hide it on the grounds of CSULB.

I had so much fun with this project. I personally think it is the best one so far. I loved the thrill I got in hiding it and making it. I hope I do geocaching again real soon. I will be doing it again in my future.

The Far Left 

33*47’1″N          118*7’10″W

In the box is muliple stuff to trade with and plenty of space to leave anything behind. Please for anyone doing my geocaching write your name and the date when you find my box. It would mean alot and it comes with a pen. *Hint: It is the one on the far left corner.

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