Wk11- Art Experience- Turning the pages

We document ephemeral experiences like Turning Pages every day in our modern day life style. We take photos, we write, blog, twitt, and take videos. However, Words and Pictures can’t really express an experience because an experience is some thing one has to life and be involved with not just be looked at or read. Style has nothing to do with words or images, a stlye can always be repeated and get the same result but precise event can never really be duplicated. If someone is not there to live in or share an expereince another way to share is through FaceTime or videos. Facetime can show an even that is happening life to someone who can’t be there to expereince it and video (with multiple camera) can show an event how it happened. Even though documenting a moment can take you out of an experience it can also showing you something amazing and exciting that you missed and would never have known about if there was not some kind of proof or evidence that the expereince had taken place.

Taking pictures in the bookstore and not taking pictures inthe library were different because a library is more sacride then a bookstore. In a bookstore talking is more accepted,  also is being on your phone and goofing off. While being in a library is more serious and quiet with standards.

I thought this activity was fine. It was different but not mind -blowing. I have seen both the library and bookstore before, so Turning the Pages was not really an exciting activity but it was not horrible either. I guess I would have to say that I did not gain any new insight about nature, space or education and I alright knew a lot about books since I am a book worm. I just enjoyed being able to go outside a classroom during school instead of being stuck at a desk all the time.


The guitar area and the computers were my favorite places to be around. 





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