WK9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Cabanig

Info Block

Artist: Sean Joy Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Copper, Medal, Silver

Gallery: Werby Gallery

Website: No Website

Instagram: Has an instagram but it is only for personal use.

About the Artist:

Sean Joy is curently living in Long Beach and is a undergraduate at CSULB. It is her last semester at CSULB and her first exhibit. She is in the BFA Metal Art Department. Her first exhibit is called All Work All Play. She likes cats, reading, gaming, and studio experimenting. Sean joy mentioned that even though she likes cats she does not want anything cat related as a gift… EVER! At first she was in drawing and painting but then tranfered when she discovered there was a Metal department.

Formal Analysis:

Most of Sean Joy’s work is copper, metal and silver. Most pieces are the normal colors that go along with copper, metal and silver but in one the plate pieces there is grey color mixed with black. Most of the pieces are smooth and others are rough skinned. They come in all shapes and sizes. Not all of the pieces are on the floor. One is above on the ceiling as a Constellation. The Constellation is copper balls hanging from the ceiling.

Content Analysis:

Sean Joy gets her ideas from her emotions, daily life, her humor, her environment, art history, and basically anything. She does not have a specfic idea in mind, she just does what she feels. No purpose or second motive to her pieces. Only that she mades her art pieces as parts of herself that she is sharing.

My Experience:

I really liked everything in her gallery. The jewelry and plates I could see myself buying if they were sold in stores. Almost everything in the gallery I could relate to. I loved her Constellation on the ceiling and her necklaces she made. She made it very personal to tell her our own opinions about her work by leaving paper and pens to write our thoughts and put in a box. I wrote to her in her box saying how much I liked her gallery.

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