Wk7- Artist Conversation- Andrea Lauren Williams

Info Block

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrafice

Media: Ceramics and Clay

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website:  http://mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com/gallery.html

Instagram: @andrewilliammms

About the Artist:

Andrea Williams in a CSULB student majoring in BFA Cermaics. She is a wife, a mom, a student and an artist. She is an undergraduate who grew up around the arts. Her work explores religion and sacrifice. Her interests our her art and her baby.

Formal Analysis:

The work is a ceramic/ 3D clay piece.  The color were pale and with light toned, and the piece was rough edged. Nothing on the piece was straight.

Content Analysis:

Andrea’s artwork showed of a girl hanging with her head down. The piece was trying to convey religion and sacrifice but mostly faith. Andrea was trying to explore the textual field and the repetition of what sacrifice can do.

My Experience:

I liked this certain piece out of the others because it was less exposing with no clay baby parts in front of it. I felt more connected with it with with the others I felt scared and uncomfortable. I am not a religious person but I could really see the sacrifice means within all the 3D clay ceramics.

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