Wk5- Artist Conversation- Kristi Jensen

Info Block

Artist: Kristi Jensen

Exhibition: Untitled 3

Gallery: Gatov Gallery East

Media: Metal and Fire

Website: No website

Instagram: @whipperton 

About the Artist:

Kristi Jensen is a student at CSULB and is graduating next semester in the BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts. She enjoying setting things on fire, that is her preferred technique. She usually does 3 studios a semester and is really into making metal and jewelry. In the future she wants to do something metal related. She enjoys watching the Walking Dead, reading, and knitting. She started out as a sculpture major but she realized it was not right for her. She wants to improve her whole creative process. She wants her work to have a meaning and message, have thoughtful names, and she wants to take picture of her work to create a better portfolio and website.

Formal Analysis:

The Ring made by Kristi Jensen was called Untitled 3. The Ring was not smooth but rugged and jagged. It was in the shape of a ring, the color was a gold, and it was made of metal. The hole for the finger was very big, made for big fingers. The Ring was antique looking. Took about 3 weeks to make.

Content Analysis: 

Kristi Jensen did not have any type of agenda in mind. The Ring had no real reason behind it besides the fact that Kristi likes to use fire to create the metal. She finds using fire really attractive and she loves doing anything with fire to create something. The Ring was Untitled 3 because she was tired and did not put thought into what she want to name it. She wants to work on her creative process for the future.

Synthesis/ My Experience:

I really liked this exhibit the best out of all the other exhibits so far. I love metal and fire as well. I love the breakable feel everything had in the exhibit. I wanted to touch and hold them all but I could not. I wanted to take some really cool pieces home but the were not mine and I was jealous because I want to have the knowledge to do something like that on my own. I want to take whatever class all the artists in the exhibit were taking because it looks like a lot of fun.

IMG_0366  Unititled 3 By: Kristi Jensen



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