WK3- Classmate Conversation- Francesca Butler and Katherine Pantoja


From left to right- Me (Mia Miller), Katherine Pantoja, and Francesca Butler

Francesca Butler-https://francescadominguez.wordpress.com

Katherine Pantoja- https://peanutkat001.wordpress.com




My first classmate conversation went really well. I was nervous at first and did not know what to say, but in the Dutzi Gallery I started a conversation with Katherine Pantoja first, who was looking at Zach Ramirez’s canvas We Live Here. Katherine and I did simple introductions and I told her I was going to do Sophia Dao’s diptch piece Expectations and Goals, and she said she was doing Zach Ramirez’s piece.

After our simple introductions Francesca Butler joined our conversation. Francesca was also going to do Zach Ramirez’s We Live Here like Katherine. As we were talking I learned that Katherine is a first year like me and also 18 years but is undeclared on a major, however, Francesca is a senior who is majoring in Dance and minoring in Spanish. Francesca explained that this is her last semester then she is graudating. Francesca is 21 years old and she completed college in 4 years taking almost 21 units per semester.

We talked about why we choose the paintings we wanted to write about and how we felt about them. Both Katherine and Francesca liked that Zach’s was open to interpretation and I liked how Sophia’s was about herself and her mom’s dreams and passions.




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