WK3- Artist Conversation- Sophia Dao


Artist: Sophia Dao

Exhibition: Expectations and Goals, 2016

Media: Oil and powered make-up on canvas

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dutzi Gallery

Website:  https://daosophia.wordpress.com

Instagram and Twitter: @sdaoame

Email: sophia.dao@hotmail.com

ABOUT THE ARTIST- (Sophia Dao was not at Dutzi-Gallery, however Heather Jarrard, another artist of the gallery, was able to give information about the art work and the Sophia.)

Sophia Dao is a graduate student from California States University of Long Beach who graduated two years ago in the BFA program (Bachelor of the Fine Arts). Sophia hopes to work on her Master’s soon but is currently working towards her Teaching Credentials and is student teaching right now with her plans on becoming a high school arts teacher. Sophia has always loved art and her favorite style of art is realism. She likes to express herself and her life into her art.








4.  Expectations, By: Sophia Dao, 2016

3. Goals, By: Sophia Dao, 2016








Expectactions and Goals are two seperate canvases that form one piece which is called a Diptych. The canvas was covered in oil and powered make-up, and both were on 60.96 cm X 30.48 cm canvases. In both pieces there is no stright line, everything in the ieces have jagged edges and curves. Everything is very clear and can be understood for what they are.  The scale in both is matched perfectly to the other to make both be one piece as a diptych. both pieces were made in a month in the year 2016.


The diptych art work, Expectantions and Goals are both realistic thing from Sophia’s life. Expectations is a picture of Sophia’s room and is a repersentation of herself, and as for Goals, it is of Sophia’s mom’s room and her life. These paintings also represent Sophia’s Filipino background and her family’s life style. She is expressing who she is and who her mom is and how they are both similair to one another.


I really like this diptych piece, it caught my eye the moment I walked through the door. To hear that it was about Sophia’s mom and herself made me connect with it because of how close me and my own mom are and how connect we are to one another. I see myself in Expectations someday with my own diploma in my room, my stuff all on selves and my life is going forward after college. Realist pieces are one of my favorites styles of art, they show real situations that I could achieve on my own and it gives me hope on my own life.



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