WK2- Art Experience- Plaster Casting

Doing my Plaster Casting was difficult and frustrating at first. I had to wait on dooing my project because I paid on Fridays and that was whenI could go purchase my materials. Then over the weekend it rained so I could not go to the beach to do my Plaster Casting, so instead I desided to buy sand from Home Depot, buy an extra bucket to put the sand in and do my plastering at inside.

 I have never done any type of casting or have used plaster before in my life. It was very new and nerve racking. I was afraid of messing up.

First I played with the sand a little bit to see how to keep the sand from collapsing on itself. Once I created a hand impression I liked I started on the plaster.

While at Home Depot a couple hours before I bought the last plaster availiable so I only had one chance to do it right with just 4lbs of plaster. I knew the plaster should have just the right amount of water, not be too drenched and mixed well.

When I thought the plaster was ready I grabbed a plastic cup to put the plaster in and slowly poured it into my hand sand print. After the sand was filled I washed my hands and waited a hour. My hands were really dry from handling the plaster so I had to use a lot of lotion to rehydrate them.

After a hour I dug out my hand. At first I thought I messed up but when I brushed off most of the sand I saw the similiarities to my actual hand. In the end I was happy with it and I had a lot of fun doing it.



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