Wk15- Classmate Conversation- Jazlyn Tabar

This week is week 15 and I interviewed my last classmate, Jazlyn Tabar, to do our last classmate conversation. Jazlyn was sick on Thursday and sent an email to the entire class Thursday morning asking for help with the classmate conversation and artist conversation. I responded saying I would do the classmate conversation with her and help her with the artist conversation.

Jazlyn is a first year sociology student from San Diego and she hopes to minor in film once she had declared her major. She is very passionate about social justice issues and wants to be able to bring attention to them through film. In her free time she enjoys listening to and finding new music along with going to concerts. Jazlyn is also a part of Alpha Phi Omega, which is a co-ed community service fraternity and she really loves it. Her realy enjoys to eat and her favorite food is korean bbq and ramen.

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Wk15- Artist Conversation- Jamie Strassenburg

Info Block

Artist: Jamie Strassenburg

Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic

Media: Illustrator, Web Designer, and Photoshop Tutor

Gallery: CSULB Gallery Gatov-East

Website: http://www.jamiedraws.com

Instagram: @drawnbyjamie

About the Artist

Jamie Strassenburg is an illustrator, web designer and photoshop tutor. She in the BFA program at CSULB in Illustration and is a senior. She is currently working as a freelancer in Orange County. She had discovered photoshop when she was 13 years old and spent 10 years doing digital art. While learning the digital arts she also learned web design, 3D modelling, digital compositing, and video game development.

Formal Analysis

In the gallery, the illustrations of animated character were shown in black frames and presented to empahsixe the drawings. The illustrations were colorful and bright, the coloring showed each character different based on color. The animation theme was fantasy and mythical and the illustation showed as such. The paper texture look smooth, but the lines in the drawing were all curved and soft.

Content Analysis

Jamie illustrations and art work is meant to tell a story created by personal life events, social issues that are important to her, and human behavior and cultures. She describes her own style as a “naturalistic emotive fantasy”.  Jamie sees her work as an extention of her self and her personality.

My Experience

Out of all the art that was in the gallery I choose to do Jamie’s because I thought it stood out more than the others. I love animination art, I think the people who do it and do it well are really talented. If she started to sell her art work as posters or created a stories or did animation videos with her work, I would pay to have it and/or see it.  I envy people like Jamie. I wish I had that skill level in art. I believe she could go anywhere with her skill level in ilustration and as a web designer. I really enjoyed looking at her works.

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Extra Credit- The Secret Live of Tumblr Teens

I found this article a little interesting but it could not really relate to some of the talk about tumblr since I have never had one. I found the story about the girl nicknamed, Pizza, really upsetting. To gain that much popularity is awesome but it does come with lots of negative people. It sad that her once mistake make her give up on her tumblr. She made one mistake of the use of the n-word when she was younger and immature, as a result was pronounced a racist. From the rumors I have heared about tumblr I do think it is only about sex and jokes which is one of the reason I don’t have one. I think a while back it was more about the art but it has since changed.

This article had me confused at some sections, I did not understand the topics or the relations. However when it started talking about Ads, marketing, and secret groups I suddenly got interested again. I thought about how evilly smart people are to make secret groups to promote ads for another to gain for money but really evil to cheat that way. But considering today’s economy I understood a little about where they were coming from. They were making money I wish I could make.

I do use Facebook and I do sometimes on occasion like a Life Hack or two but I have never followed tumblr. Although most quotes found on the interent are relatable some are really mean and stupid. I don’t really like or appreciate anything that is hurtful to another.

This article make me think about the people on the internet being targets, schemers, celebraties, and/or solicitors . Not only is the internet being used for personal gain, bullies are celebraties it is also being used to control what being think and used for political purposes. I am highly disappointed by the cultural tendencies and wish 2014 to the future will hopefully change.

Wk14- Art Experience- Sketching in the Garden

This week we went to the Japanese Garden once again to take 6 pictures and 6 drawings of representational and abstract things we found in the garden. For the drawing I only used pencil and I never erased. I used each line and shaded the mistakes I made. I tried to use my eyes for most of the drawing and not just my mind. I think my drawings came out ok but nature is not my best work.

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For the pictures I think it was easier for me to find representational than abstract. You can tell what everything really is, there is no big mystery behind any of the pictures. The pictures were the easy part, the drawing were harder. I am not an amazing artist so it is a little embarrassing.

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This week was a nice week to go to the Japanese Garden. I think it was more beautiful than the last time we went. I don’t have a lot of free time to go but I am glad I got to see it. I really love going and seeing so much nature. The garden is stuff you don’t get to see everyday.

Wk13- Artist Conversation- Nick Bamford

Info Block

Artist: Nick Bamford



Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: No WebSite

Instagram: @nickbamf4d

About the Artist

This weeks artist is Nick Bamford and he is an undergraduate at California State University of Long Beach and is getting his BFA in the Ceramics program. Nick grew up in Huntington Beach where he discovered his love for art and in high school he took a Ceramics class and wanted to do more of it. Nick also enjoys black lights, sculpting, and working on different activities.

Formal Analysis

In Nick Bamford’s art pieces there were three big sculptures with color lights shining on them while it was black in the background. In the big sculptures were fans, flags, shoes, pictures, bells, chains, and other random pieces. They were held together by pipes, handles and sticks. The colors that were seen were bright and were like a rainbow. There was orange, blue, green, pink, purple, and red.

Content Analysis

The sculptures to Nick were about trying to put ideas and other random items together to form another context. Like the shoes means something totally diferent on someones foot but means something else when hanging off a pipe. Nick wanted to explore new ideas by stepping out of the box.

My Experience 

I really enjoyed Nick’s exhibit. I found it very relaxing to look at and to see and I wish there were mre colorful exhibits like this at CSULB that I could see. Out of all the exhibits I have seen this semester I would have to say this one is on my list of top 5. I love color that just pops out of blackness. My favorite colors out of this exhibit were green, purple and blue.

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Wk13- Art Experience- Art Care Package

This week for our art expereicne we had to sent out an Art Care Package. We drew from a hat to see which classmate we got and I received Breezy Hastie. For her art care package I put in a wrist band from a concert, an old movie ticket, a receipt from Japan, and old ring, a postcard, and a few coloring pages. Making this was fun becasue I got to go through my room and find items that showed where I have been, and I got to give Breezy something interesting to do and I got to show my artist skill when I colored the postcard. It was a really fun project and I can not wait to send it and I also can not wait to get my own.


Sending someone an Art Care Package is similar to Snapchat because both can show a perosn where you have been and the proof that you were there. It also different however then Snapchat because unlike Snapchat an Art Care Package can take up to a week to get while a Snapchat only takes seconds. There is not a huge difference between art that is seen by tons of people and art that is seen by a few because art is to be appriecated even if by only one individual. To make Art Care Package is difference and more special then sending a Snapchat because it take more time and effort to get it to someone then a Snapchat that takes a second to make. As a result these packages do have more love because theyare created from the heart of a person and not by a phone.

Wk12- Art Experience-Geocaching

When this week started I was looking forward to this weeks art experience, Geocaching. I have never done it before but I have always wanted to do it because it looks so much fun. I was struggling with what cool ideas I could do and where I could place it. I did not want my first Geocaching experience to be lame and unexciting.

For my finding geocaching I did Foster Park Cash found on the app. It was real easy and had a good description. I really enjoyed looking for it because it was a nice day out. When I found it I wrote my name and date and traded a plastic toy I had.

I went to Target and Home Depot for my geocaching supplies. I got 8 strong magnets, a pencil box and neat stuff to put in the pencil box. I then went home and hot gllued my magnets to the box, put the stuff I got in the box then hide it.I will not say where I hide it so people can have fun looking for it but I did hide it on the grounds of CSULB.

I had so much fun with this project. I personally think it is the best one so far. I loved the thrill I got in hiding it and making it. I hope I do geocaching again real soon. I will be doing it again in my future.

The Far Left 

33*47’1″N          118*7’10″W

In the box is muliple stuff to trade with and plenty of space to leave anything behind. Please for anyone doing my geocaching write your name and the date when you find my box. It would mean alot and it comes with a pen. *Hint: It is the one on the far left corner.

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